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All This Reminiscing

In 1989 Julian H. Clark picked up a cassette recorder and started dictating.  It would be two years before he put it down.  Not only did he want to share his experiences on life in the first part of the 20th century; he also wanted to share his stories about chasing car thieves, bootleggers, and gangsters.  All This Reminiscing is a compilation of Julian's stories about his childhood growing up in Georgia, his time working for the National Auto Theft Bureau, and lots of humorous tales.

This book is no longer available for download.

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Agent Clark

    Recovering stolen cars, dodging bullets, and chasing gangsters are all part of the job for this Florida detective.  Will he shut down a major crime syndicate before a notorious gang has him killed?

    Agent Clark must navigate treacherous waters to survive while trying to take down the Goldberg crime ring.  Clark’s investigation takes him from the Golden Isles of Georgia to the Everglades of Florida as well as a host of rum-running hot spots in between. When he accidentally kills a member of the notorious Hunt-Gant gang, Agent Clark must find the truth about their involvement in one of the biggest bootlegging operations in the south before they find him. 

    Clark finds some surprising allies along the way like famous Captain “Big Bill” McCoy, fly fishing pioneer Joe Brooks, captain of industry Howard Coffin, and a Sicilian mob boss from the original Chicago Outfit.  As the investigation heats up, Clark must survive a series of near-death experiences to shut down the Goldberg theft ring while simultaneously helping The Bureau stop the Hunts and Gants who all want him dead.  Ultimately, Agent Clark learns that even his family isn’t safe.

    Based on a true story, Agent Clark is the first book in a historical crime fiction series.  If you like fast-paced adventure, shootouts, and harrowing car chases, then you’ll love this book.  

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Coming Soon - Book II

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Agent Clark series.  If you want to be notified prior to its release, sign up for the email list by clicking the link below.

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